synthetic mica
The Huajing synthetic mica production of high-temperature melt crystallization, in accordance with the composition and structure of the natural mica……
wet ground mica powder
Our wet ground mica powder use good quality mica material, in a manufacturing process with washingOur wet ground mica powder use good quality mica material……
Dry ground mica
Dry ground mica powder is in competitive price. It is high purity mica powder produced by grinding crushing and shearing technique without changing any property……
calcined mica
Our calcined mica series products adopt the high-temperature dehydration process. It is in brilliant color and good quality. It is the best……
Mica has become the paint industry raw material, mica 's main application: building exterior wall paint, interior wall coatings, powder coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, high temperature resistant coating, road marking paint, waterproof coating, fireproof coating …… [more]
Rubber Industry
Muscovite powder can improve the products gas solution permeability, thermal expansion. Using Muscovite insulating performance can improve the electrical properties of rubber products. At the same time, mica powder can significantly improve…… [more]
Automotive Industry Paints
The mica powder has good high temperature resistance, anti friction performance, so it is widely used in the auto clutch manufacturing. In addition, in the manufacture of automobile brake band is also inseparable from the mica powder .…… [more]